The Cannery

September 23, 2020

The days of local food processing downtown were long over for this big block of 6 different buildings in Dayton. Rain & Associates saw potential where others saw a future empty lot. Taking over a quarter million sq ft of industrial space and crafting a vision of a mixed-use rental/commercial space was unprecedented in Dayton. Working with multiple partners, to acquire, design and create a plan that resulted in 146 market rate rental units with first floor commercial space is what we’ve become known for.

Blending HUD funds, Historic Tax credits, creative architectural solutions and vision created this new anchor for future development on the fringes of downtown. 25 years later, there has been a rush to develop other derelict buildings – once the value was proven through this project.

Metro Bay Development specializes in creating exciting new opportunities for buildings that others think should be demolished. Transforming an old cold storage building to hip lofts, or a large industrial warehouse into a jobs center, we find the most economical way to repurpose, reuse, recreate value for undervalued assets.
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