The Lofts on St. Clair

September 23, 2020

Being first doesn’t always come with a gold medal. This former refrigerated produce storage building had been sheathed in aluminum siding for decades. No one remembered what was behind the siding, or cared. When Rain and Dave Williams announced that this would be the first loft project in Dayton, most people took a wait and see attitude. The 18,000 sq ft building was transformed into 9 market rate condos and an innovative basement parking solution added 8 parking spots.

Unbelievably, the project cost was only $850,000 in 1990 dollars. Now, just 3 of the units have combined to sell for that much.

This project inspired others to try their hand at similar projects, but, none delivered as much bang for the buck as this one.

Metro Bay Development specializes in creating exciting new opportunities for buildings that others think should be demolished. Transforming an old cold storage building to hip lofts, or a large industrial warehouse into a jobs center, we find the most economical way to repurpose, reuse, recreate value for undervalued assets.
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