401 S. Main St

September 23, 2020

A genuine gem

What had been the former Genuine Auto Parts building sat on South Main street as a monochromatic eyesore. Every window had been painted the same dull yellow, making it look as forlorn and lonely as could be, just south of the recently renovated post-modern mayhem skin applied to the Community Blood Center.
Rain & Associates saw something more in 2003 when they acquired the block long collection of buildings with distinctly different DNA from the same time-period. Selective demolition reduced the 32,000 sq ft project to a 16,400 sqft usable structure with a rear parking field.

The project was stabilized with exterior construction and the windows opened back up, to create curb appeal and interest. The neighboring Blood Center made an offer that couldn’t be turned down, and they took over the buildings for future expansion.

Metro Bay Development specializes in creating exciting new opportunities for buildings that others think should be demolished. Transforming an old cold storage building to hip lofts, or a large industrial warehouse into a jobs center, we find the most economical way to repurpose, reuse, recreate value for undervalued assets.
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