Ice Avenue Lofts

September 23, 2020

Lofts so cool they named the street Ice Avenue

Hidden behind other buildings, this building was destined for a date with the wrecking ball when we identified it as a potential upscale living opportunity in Downtown Dayton. Driven by the success and quick sell out of the Lofts on St. Clair, Rain & Associates acquired this 30K sq ft property in 2000. Building it out into 17 market rate loft condos, the “Ice Avenue Lofts.” We also managed to engineer in a basement with 17 highly desirable parking spaces.

Completed for $2.5M, with the most expensive unit selling for just north of $200K, much smaller units now easily fetch $300K 20 years later.

Metro Bay Development specializes in creating exciting new opportunities for buildings that others think should be demolished. Transforming an old cold storage building to hip lofts, or a large industrial warehouse into a jobs center, we find the most economical way to repurpose, reuse, recreate value for undervalued assets.
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