Ulele Restaurant

September 23, 2020

Richard Gonzmart chose Metro-Bay

Gonzmart already owned the Columbia restaurant and had a well known brand in Tampa. Taking on another location called for a partner he could trust to collaborate and coordinate this complex adaptive reuse.

Utilizing and highlighting the existing historic structure, with minimal partitioning was a strategy that Metro-Bay developed to not only keep costs inline, but to allow an industrial look to match the buildings roots.

Using exposed spiral duct work, a new metal mezzanine stair and rails, helped highlight the exposed cedar sub-roof and wood trusses. The mid-building round-top window door became the new grand entrance, while replacing roll-up metal doors.

Metro Bay Development specializes in creating exciting new opportunities for buildings that others think should be demolished. Transforming an old cold storage building to hip lofts, or a large industrial warehouse into a jobs center, we find the most economical way to repurpose, reuse, recreate value for undervalued assets.
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